Poor signal, dropped calls and slow data speeds can be fixed with a weBoost wireless booster. Cypress Communications and a weBoost wireless booster can help, if your in an area with poor cell coverage whether your in you vehicle or home. A cellphone signal booster consists of a outside antenna mounted on the roof and a amplifier and inside antenna. Installed properly you will experience less dropped calls, longer battery life and higher data speeds.

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We Boost Drive 4G-M

weBoost 4G Vehicle Booster

Designed for Cars, Trucks, Semi’s, RV’s and more. Weboost Cell Phone Booster will increase your signal strength and reduce dropped calls. Wireless technology boosts signal to multiple device’s for improved battery life and higher data speeds. Simple self install or have it professionally installed. WeBoost cell phone signal booster works with Smartphones, Tablets, Internet Keys, Smart Hub’s.

WeBoost Home 4g Booster

weBoost Home 4G Cellphone Signal Booster

Improve your cellphone signal in you home or small office with the weBoost Home 4G cellphone signal booster. Get better voice quality with less dropped calls, improved data speeds and better battery life. Coverage up to 1500 sq ft, each weBoost Home 4g cellphone booster comes complete with a indoor antenna, outdoor antenna and 30ft of cable.